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Cycad was founded by Martin Hostettler and Christoph Gilgen and is a closely held corporation in Berne (Switzerland). Cycad helps customers to pursue new strategies, develops concepts and organizes zoning projects and manages zoning applications and permitting processes. Cycad is dedicated to excellence in project management. Cycad is (1) independent, (2) careful, (3) based on science, (4) disruptive and (5) effective. Along with these five values and beliefs come standard operating procedures like «Systems Engineering», «Trial and Error Problem Solving» or «Back to Basics» and an unique environment:

  • A well educated team with a broad methodological approach, a strong work ethic, a true service mentality and lots of passion about its customers and mandates.
  • Highly tailored products.
  • The Cycad Management Standard: fast, effective, virtuos Swiss precision.